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Quality policy of Toma-Hús Kft

Company information

Our predecessor in title was registered on 10th March 2000 on the following registry number: 04-09-004904. The members of the Kft. Has changed since foundation, the current management leads the company since 14th November 2003. After the image renrewal in April 2005, "Toma-Hús" Húsfeldolgozó és Kereskedelmi Kft. 2005. started its operation as the successor of Good Company Kft.

At the premises of our company - 5931 Nagyszénás, Hosök útja 41. - we deal with meat processing. Our operational license includes the following: slaughter of swine, cattle, sheepand goat, cutting, boning, cooling, packing and cool storing. Our meat processing activities can also be carried out in the form of slaughter services.

Our newly built slaughterhouse started its operation in July 2005, and it complies with all EU regulations. We have created a slaughterhouse equipped with modern devices and technology which provide efficiency and complies with all hygienic, environment protection and other requirements. Our quality assurance policy and equipments are well developed. The management of the slaughterhouse pays special attention to observing the requirements of the HACCP system and hygiene, as keeping to the more serious hygienic requirements (EU) even beyond the regular ones, starting from transporting animals and slaughtering them, through storing, transporting, because these processes affect the quality of meat.

With proper manufacturing of our products we strive to meet the expectations of our clients and to carry out our assignments with the most up-to-date processes. The ingredients needed are supplied by Hungarian producers. Choosing the most appropriate resources and technologies, using the most optimal solutions in order to achieve the best quality and prices need many years of expertise. This is why we have employees with the necessary professional knowledge, experienced groups and management with several years of professional experience.

Toma-Hús Kft. Slaughterhouse - 2009